Tip of the Week

Fraud for Property Schemes

Today, Dawn identifies red flags to be aware of as fraudsters are on the rise.

Dealing with the dead can be pretty scary!

Happy Halloween! Today, Dawn stresses the importance of having an estate plan.

All security devices are included in the sale, unless excluded.

Today, Dawn reminds agents what is included in the contract and how to handle transfer of security (“Smart”) devices.

It’s Property Tax Time

Today, Dawn discusses how property taxes are handled at closing when they become due in October.

Difference between notice of termination and release of earnest money

Today, Dawn explains when a notice of termination is necessary and when a release of earnest money is required.

New Notices required in Residential Leases

Today, Dawn points out the impact of the new notice requirements in the Seller Temporary Residential Lease.

How can the Buyer’s agent collect full commission with MLS offers less?

Today, Dawn gives you two options – get written amendment between co-brokers to MLS offering or enforce your Buyer’s Representation Agreement.  

Conveying Property

Today, Blair explains when a deed is effective to convey property. NOTE: All deeds need to be recorded to put people on notice.

When and how can objections be made to title and survey?

Today, Dawn discusses to what and how a buyer can make objections to title and survey.

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