Tip of the Week

Buyer’s trying to terminate under option period without delivering the option fee.

Today, Blair stresses the importance of delivering the option money in order for the buyer to terminate under the option period.

Reminders about how the Addendum for Sale of Other Property by Buyer and its kick out provisions works

Today, Dawn provides valuable insight as to the use of the Addendum for Sale of Other Property by Buyer and why we may see more of it.

Foreign Sellers and Tax Consequences

Today, Blair answers the question of who is defined as a Foreign Seller for IRS purposes and discusses tax withholdings required by Buyers.

Happy Zoo Lover’s Day!

Today, Dawn shares her love and passion of the Dallas Zoo. Dawn is now serving as it’s Chairman of the Board.

Objections to title under Paragraph 6D

Today, Dawn explains what a Buyer can object to under the Paragraph 6D provisions.

When can the Buyer inspect the property under the contract?

Today, Blair discusses Buyer’s ability to inspect the property and why inspections benefit the Seller.

Updated resale certificate

Today, Dawn reminds you of some legislation that your Texas Realtors was instrumental in passing and why it is so helpful to Sellers and Buyers.

International Women’s Day 

Today, Dawn and Blair recognize and thank women past and present.

Refresher on earnest money, option fee and the importance of delivering funds 

Today, Blair discussed the difference between earnest money and option fee, the time periods to deliver funds and the consequences for not delivering funds in both a primary and back up contract.

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