Tip of the Week – 2021

Can your house be stolen?

Today, Dawn answers questions about title monitoring services currently being widely advertised.

How will the new Homestead Exemption law impact buyers and sellers?

Today, Dawn explains the new homestead exemption law that will take effect on January 1, 2022.

Sale of Other Property and Backup Contracts

Today Dawn reminds you that in order to exercise the kick out provision in the Sale of Other Property, you must use a backup contract.

A signed Buyer’s Representation Agreement is recommended.

Today, Dawn explains why it is prudent to obtain a Buyer’s rep agreement when representing a Buyer.

Scary Stories from the Closing Table

Today, Dawn discusses what can happen when you’ve been hacked!

What is a Lady Bird Deed?

Today, Dawn explains what is a Lady Bird Deed and compares it to a Transfer on Death Deed.

How does title pass upon the death of an owner who dies without a will?

Today, Dawn provides valuable knowledge as to passage of title upon the death of the owner.

Will the title company receipt a late delivered option check?

Today, Dawn answers the question of will the title company accept and why, a late paid option fee.

What is a Seller’s Temporary Lease Back (as opposed to what it is not)!

Today, Dawn clarifies what a Seller’s Lease back is to help you negotiate and prepare your buyer and seller for their obligations.

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