Tip of the Week – 2022

Christmas wishes for you!

Today, Dawn shares a thought of the Christmas meaning with you.

#3 in the series discussing changes to the One to Four Family Residential Contract

Today, Blair discusses the remaining changes made to the new contract which will be available on ZipForms January 3.

Changes to the Contract – Part 2

Today, Dawn discusses a few minor changes as well as the addition of the new paragraph 6E (11) which potentially conflicts with paragraph 6E (7).

Changes to the Contract – Part 1

Today, Dawn addresses the purpose and impact of the change to Paragraph 3A of the contract.

New Contracts approved by the Commission

Today, Dawn explains what happens when an agent writes a contract using the old forms, after the new forms become mandatory.

Fraud for Property Schemes

Today, Dawn identifies red flags to be aware of as fraudsters are on the rise.

Dealing with the dead can be pretty scary!

Happy Halloween! Today, Dawn stresses the importance of having an estate plan.

All security devices are included in the sale, unless excluded.

Today, Dawn reminds agents what is included in the contract and how to handle transfer of security (“Smart”) devices.

It’s Property Tax Time

Today, Dawn discusses how property taxes are handled at closing when they become due in October.

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