Tip of the Week

Follow Up Information on the New Clear Cooperation Policy from NAR

Today, Dawn readdresses this new policy and advises of the consequences for failure to abide by the rules.

Will Solar Panels Convey when a Property is Purchased?

Today, Dawn clarifies whether solar panels attached to the roof convey with the property.

How to Structure a Purchase for Higher than the Listing Price

This week, Dawn discusses best practices for structuring an offer higher than the listing price in a way that will protect both Seller and Buyer.

The New Clear Cooperation Policy from NAR

Today, Dawn addresses this new policy and discusses the difference between a Coming Soon and a “pocket” listing. **One correction: If the Coming Soon listings are given 30 days (not 14 as mentioned in the video).

An Important Message Regarding the Covid-19 Addendum

Today, Dawn addresses the necessity of the Covid-19 Addendum due to the recent spike in positive cases, and how this could affect a projected closing date.

What are the implications of the Listing Agreement expiring?

Today, Dawn addresses possible ramifications of a listing agreement expiring during or after a contract is submitted.

Ideas for Gaining the Advantage in a Multiple Offer Market

Today, Dawn offers some suggestions on how to be creative in a multiple offer market as well as some associated risks.

Proposed Changes for Payment of Option Fee

Today, Dawn discusses the new provision which has been proposed by TREC and suggests how to handle prior to adoption of change.

How does the 30-day Closing Date extension work under the Texas Realtors Covid-19 Addendum?

Today, Dawn addresses questions related to the “force majeure” provisions of the Covid-19 addendum and the importance of Buyer and Seller working together toward a successful closing.

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