Tip of the Week

Approved changes to the contract

Today Dawn starts her series discussing approved changes to the TREC contract

Halloween Horror Stories from the Closing Table!

This week in the spirit of Halloween, Dawn shares some of her scary title nightmares… but hope you will get a laugh.

A Refresher on Back-Up Contracts

Today, Dawn discusses the Addendum for “Back-Up” Contract and how it works.

When is a notice of termination required?

Today, Dawn discusses when a notice of termination is required to preserve the right to terminate under a contract contingency.

Reminder of the three day rule on Property Approval

Today, Dawn addresses the impact of the term “time is of the essence” as it relates to Buyers right to terminate.

Should title companies accept option fee checks?

Today, Dawn discusses the need to strictly adhere to the contract with regard to delivery of option check.

Who requires the T-47 affidavit to be notarized prior to delivery?

Today, Dawn addresses the contractual requirement for the T-47 to be notarized prior to delivery to the Buyer.

What is Title Insurance?

This week, Dawn provides a 3-minute refresher course on title insurance.

A refresher on how to handle an option period

Today, Dawn re-addresses the impact of having no option period either through non-payment or late payment.

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