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The importance of using the Addendum Regarding Fixture Leases.

Today, Dawn clarifies the most important purpose for using the Addendum Regarding Fixture Leases.

Why should you get the Subdivision Information from the HOA during the listing period?

Today, Dawn cites the HOA law about subdivision information and encourages everyone to order it prior to the contract.

Who is responsible for any casualty loss to a Property during a Seller Temporary Residential Leaseback?

Today, Dawn reminds Buyers and Sellers to consult their insurance agents to ensure adequate coverage during a leaseback.

Why should Seller encourage inspections?

Today, Dawn explains why a Seller should encourage Buyer’s inspections of the property.

What causes title concerns when selling your home to a family member?

Today, Dawn explains why selling a home to a family member may be disallowed.

When resolving contract contingencies, what needs to be included in the amendment?

Today, Dawn reminds us that contract amendments that resolve contingencies also need to include a waiver of that contingency.

When do notices require Seller acknowledgment?

Today, Dawn clarifies whether a notice in itself is sufficient to evoke the consequences or acknowledgment and agreement by Seller is required.

The new TREC website for HOA’s.

Today, Dawn reminds agents to access TREC’s new HOA listing website which makes certain information on HOA’s easily accessible.

When does the buyer have the right to terminate for failure to receive condominium hoa documents?

Today, Dawn answers several questions about a buyer’s right to terminate under the condominium contract.

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