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Commission splits and what governs.

Today, Dawn provides a reminder on how commission splits are set and how they can be changed.

Happy 4th of July from Allegiance Title.

Today, Dawn and Blair share thoughts about the meaning of July 4th.

Delivery timing – Amendment vis a vis Notice of Termination

Today, Dawn discusses the impact when an amendment is delivered simultaneously with a notice of termination of contract.

Powers of Attorney in Real Estate Transactions

Today, Blair discusses the different Powers of Attorney used in Texas real estate transactions.

Repair credit vs. Seller obligation under Seller Temporary Residential Lease.

Today, Dawn addresses what issue arises when a repair credit is given at closing and Seller’s obligation under a leaseback.

Back Tax Bills

Today, Blair clarifies what back taxes are and how they can be assessed.

Happy Mother’s Day from Blair Raggio and Dawn Moore

Today, the mother-daughter team wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Central Appraisal District’s appraised value vs. appraisal cap

Today, Dawn explains the difference between the Central Appraisal District’s appraised value and appraisal cap.

Buyer’s trying to terminate under option period without delivering the option fee.

Today, Blair stresses the importance of delivering the option money in order for the buyer to terminate under the option period.

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