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Refresher on earnest money, option fee and the importance of delivering funds 

Today, Blair discussed the difference between earnest money and option fee, the time periods to deliver funds and the consequences for not delivering funds in both a primary and back up contract.

Tax prorations and the impact of rising taxes.

Today, Dawn answers some questions she received about how prorations and required adjustments are handled under paragraph 13 of the Contract.

Interest Rate Contingency in the Third-Party Financing Addendum

Today, Blair discusses the importance of the interest rate that the buyer submits on the third-party financing addendum.

Date for the T-47 Affidavit

Today Dawn answers the question, “What date do you insert in the T-47, survey date or acquisition date?”

What is Title Lock?

Today, Blair discusses the rise in property fraud and clarifies what Title Lock is.

Property Tax Prorations at Closing and After

Today, Blair explains a title company’s, buyer’s and seller’s role in prorating property taxes.

Final podcast on the changes to the contract and addenda

Today, Dawn closes out her series with the remaining promulgated contract changes.

Addenda contract changes mandatory Feb. 1, 2023

Today, Dawn addresses changes in three contract addenda to help you become familiar with them before mandatory use.

Christmas wishes for you!

Today, Dawn shares a thought of the Christmas meaning with you.

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