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School District Calendars for 2022 – 2033

The school district calendars for 2022 - 2033 provide a district-level view of important academic dates.

When Seller wants to leaseback the property for longer than 90 days.

Today, Dawn discusses the use of the a different lease agreement form when Seller wants a longer leaseback term.

Release of Earnest Money

Today, Blair clarifies when the title company will release earnest money.

The importance of estate planning.

Today, Dawn emphasizes why an estate plan should be created to assure your property goes where you want it after death.

 Contract deadlines under a backup contract and ramifications for early performance.

Today, Dawn cautions the consequences of early performance and what Buyer’s in particular need to do to protect their rights under the contract.

More clarification on who pays transfer fees.

Today, Dawn further clarifies how fees associated with a transfer of property in an HOA are to be allocated between Buyer and Seller.

Appraisal waiver vs. denial of loan due to insufficient funds.

Today, Dawn explains how a buyer can avoid defaulting under a contract requiring the full waiver based on insufficient funds.

Prorating taxes in a rising market

Today, Dawn addresses concerns about rising property taxes and prorations for the current year between a seller and buyer at closing.

Why do title companies refuse to insure title under a quitclaim deed?

Today, Dawn explains the effect of a quitclaim deed and why it is not acceptable to convey properly using a quitclaim deed.

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