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Buyer Fraud

Today, Dawn talks about how a fraudster profits from pretending to be a viable buyer.

Seller Fraud- What part does the agent play in the scheme.

Today, Dawn discusses necessity of verifying Seller’s identity.

Differing interpretations under the contract leading to different outcomes.

Today, Dawn points out a particular provision of the contract that warrants some clarification when drafting the contract.

Recent legislative changes to the MUD statute.

Today, Dawn explains the recent changes and reiterates that notices are still required.

2023 Property Tax Relief Bill and Vote in November

Today, Dawn discusses the impact of a positive vote in November on tax prorations at closing.

MUDs and other districts under the Texas Water Code

Today, Blair talks about the Notice to Purchasers required under Title 4 of the Texas Water Code.

Seller’s Disclosure Notices- What to know.

Today, Dawn discusses whether a Seller’s Disclosure Notice is required on a residential property that is being sold for lot value.

2023 Texas Tax Relief Bill

Today, Blair explains the proposed Texas Tax Relief Bill and how to prepare for this bill being passed this year.

Assumption loans – What you need to know

Today, Blair discusses assumptions loans and the additional steps needed to insure these types of loans.

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