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Appraisal waiver vs. denial of loan due to insufficient funds.

Today, Dawn explains how a buyer can avoid defaulting under a contract requiring the full waiver based on insufficient funds.

May 18, 11:30 am

The Dirty Dozen: Common Contract Problems CE Class with Dawn Moore

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May 19, 10:00 am

Drafting and Negotiating Contracts

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May 19, 4:00 pm

Collin County May Monthly Mingle

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June 15, 12:00 pm

Completing the TREC Farm & Ranch Contract

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Prorating taxes in a rising market

Today, Dawn addresses concerns about rising property taxes and prorations for the current year between a seller and buyer at closing.

Why do title companies refuse to insure title under a quitclaim deed?

Today, Dawn explains the effect of a quitclaim deed and why it is not acceptable to convey properly using a quitclaim deed.

The importance of using the Addendum Regarding Fixture Leases.

Today, Dawn clarifies the most important purpose for using the Addendum Regarding Fixture Leases.

Why should you get the Subdivision Information from the HOA during the listing period?

Today, Dawn cites the HOA law about subdivision information and encourages everyone to order it prior to the contract.

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