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Difference between notice of termination and release of earnest money

Today, Dawn explains when a notice of termination is necessary and when a release of earnest money is required.

New Notices required in Residential Leases

Today, Dawn points out the impact of the new notice requirements in the Seller Temporary Residential Lease.

October 6, 12:00 pm

Brochures, Flyers, Postcards – Lunch and Learn

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How can the Buyer’s agent collect full commission with MLS offers less?

Today, Dawn gives you two options – get written amendment between co-brokers to MLS offering or enforce your Buyer’s Representation Agreement.  

Conveying Property

Today, Blair explains when a deed is effective to convey property. NOTE: All deeds need to be recorded to put people on notice.

When and how can objections be made to title and survey?

Today, Dawn discusses to what and how a buyer can make objections to title and survey.

“Name changes” on contracts

Today, Dawn addresses how to make a “name change” on a contract.

Assignments of contract and how they work.

Today, Dawn answers questions you may have as to how assignments of contract work.

Reminder on HOA Transfer fees for single family residences.

Today, Dawn addresses the negotiation and payment of the HOA charges associated with a transfer of the Property.

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