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Rita ConnerRita Conner
23:14 01 Feb 23
Have closed several loans with Allegiance Title and they are all very professional. Debbie goes out of her way to ensure she can accommodate my busy work schedule to close my loans. I have referred them to multiple family members and friends and they always have had great feedback! Thank you to all you ladies to ensure my closings always go smoothly.
Monica WaltersMonica Walters
23:01 01 Feb 23
We used Debbie at Allegiance Title for closing on our house and things could not have gone smoother. She was a huge help with all of my questions and made the process quick and painless!
Eric WashburnEric Washburn
05:17 08 Dec 22
Great people to work with, they're always nice and professional!
05:23 17 Nov 22
philbert Haragirimanaphilbert Haragirimana
20:04 04 Aug 22
Alex GilmoreAlex Gilmore
14:49 08 Mar 21
Sold a house a few days ago here, the staff here was amazing. They were able to get paper work done with short notice and had us closed on that Friday. They were friendly and helpful with any questions we had. Definitely made a sometimes painful process a much easier experience and we appreciated it.
taylor jonestaylor jones
14:12 18 Sep 20
First off, I didn't plan on writing this review. However, two months after I closed on my house and get a tax bill stating that Allegiance didn't do something properly prompted this. This is one of the most unprofessional companies I have ever worked with. I do not recommend in the slightest. First off, they butchered my home buying process due to lack of communication between all parties. On my day of closing, which I requested not to close on a Friday, knowing it would get pushed back to Monday, and of course it did. So when Monday rolled around, my 10am appointment I had to wait. What is the point of having an appointment if you are going to make me wait anyways? At the end of this process, I ask Debbie, "So, I signed everything, I won't have to come back here today, correct?" She stated "Nope, that's it!" That was at 11am. At 4pm I get a call from my realtor stating that closing is delayed due to issues with the title company. At this point, Allegiance still hasn't bothered to call me. So I call Allegiance, and Tammy is the rudest person I have ever spoken with. She is treating me as though I am inconveniencing her because they aren't doing their job and communicating with me. Apparently, one document wasn't signed...which, that is Debbie's job, to make sure they are all signed when I go into my appointment. And then Tammy tells me that they readjusted the closing costs and I have to make another payment. This is all at 4:15pm, they close at 5pm, I am 30 minutes away from the their location. At this point, I am peeved, Debbie didn't do her job and now she is making Tammy be the gopher over her mistakes. And on top of that Tammy needs to check her attitude since her job is a customer based service job. Unacceptable. Fast forward two months. I get a bill in the mail over delinquent taxes from the previous year, all things that should have been handled prior to closing. I call the tax assessor's office and they assure me that although it is my responsibility, I should call my title company and ask them why it wasn't taken care of during closing. So yesterday, when I called Allegiance, of course, Tammy, rude as ever still, treats me as though my questions regarding this matter are inconveniencing her. She rudely tells me that Debbie is busy with back-to-back closings and she will have to call me back. And I ask, is she going to call me back today or tomorrow and her response is "She has back to back closings, she will get to it as soon as possible". Well, I sure hope soon as possible isn't delayed any longer considering maybe the public's knowledge of how you treat your clients is out there for all to see now. I do not recommend this title company to anyone.
Kiz StevensonKiz Stevenson
05:07 27 Jan 20
Debbie Hall and her team at Allegiance Title were so efficient and professional during our closing process. Of course we will close withthem again in the future. It was a pleasure doing business with Debbie.

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