Tip of the Week – 2020

Should title companies accept option fee checks?

Today, Dawn discusses the need to strictly adhere to the contract with regard to delivery of option check.

Who requires the T-47 affidavit to be notarized prior to delivery?

Today, Dawn addresses the contractual requirement for the T-47 to be notarized prior to delivery to the Buyer.

What is Title Insurance?

This week, Dawn provides a 3-minute refresher course on title insurance.

A refresher on how to handle an option period

Today, Dawn re-addresses the impact of having no option period either through non-payment or late payment.

Proposed changes to how the Option Fee will be paid

Today, Dawn presents the proposed revisions to the contract regarding how the option fee is to be handled.

What is the effect of Buyer’s Notice of Termination under an option, when no option exists?

Today, Dawn addresses the misconception that Buyer is in default when a Buyer sends a termination notice under an non-existent option.

Follow Up Information on the New Clear Cooperation Policy from NAR

Today, Dawn readdresses this new policy and advises of the consequences for failure to abide by the rules.

Will Solar Panels Convey when a Property is Purchased?

Today, Dawn clarifies whether solar panels attached to the roof convey with the property.

How to Structure a Purchase for Higher than the Listing Price

This week, Dawn discusses best practices for structuring an offer higher than the listing price in a way that will protect both Seller and Buyer.

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