Tip of the Week

How does title pass upon the death of an owner who dies without a will?

Today, Dawn provides valuable knowledge as to passage of title upon the death of the owner.

Will the title company receipt a late delivered option check?

Today, Dawn answers the question of will the title company accept and why, a late paid option fee.

What is a Seller’s Temporary Lease Back (as opposed to what it is not)!

Today, Dawn clarifies what a Seller’s Lease back is to help you negotiate and prepare your buyer and seller for their obligations.

FAQ on new laws on POA fees

Today, Dawn answers some frequently asked questions regarding the new laws regulating POA fees.

FAQ on new laws on PID notices.

Today, Dawn answers some frequently asked questions regarding the new laws covering PID notices.

Under the contract, who pays what fee charged by the HOA?

Today, Dawn addresses the confusion over who pays for the fees HOA’s charge for transferring the property to a new owner.

A refresher of new laws effective September 1st

Today, Dawn reminds of the changes in law that require a new contract with PID disclosures and the new laws governing the HOA.

New law affecting PID disclosures and contract changes.

Today, Dawn explains how the new PID disclosure law impacts the new TREC contract and notice requirements, effective September 1st.

What are the risks of waiving the option period?

Today, Dawn addresses the tactic of waiving the option period and relying on other outs under the contract.

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