Tip of the Week

Contract Reminders in a Low Inventory Market/Multiple Offer Market

Today, Dawn discusses certain practices that are used in this low inventory/multiple offer market that should be fully understood before used.

How do you prove Seller has removed all access to any smart devices conveyed to Buyer?

Today, Dawn tells how a Buyer can assure that Seller no longer has access or control of any smart devices conveyed with the Property.

Happy Mother’s Day from Dawn Moore and Blair Moore Raggio

Dawn and Blair want to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! We love our mother-daughter team.

What are the issues with the new procedure for payment of option fee?

Today, Dawn exposes some recurring issues with payment and deposit of the option fee and what to do when it is paid to the wrong party.

What does the new contract require for receipt of option fee and earnest money?

Today, Dawn discusses the contractual obligation to credit the earnest money and option fee in a particular order and it controls over an incorrectly signed receipt by escrow agent.

What is a buyer really waiving under the appraisal addendum?

Today, Dawn explains a common misunderstanding as to what is waived under the appraisal addendum and, alternatively, how to protect a buyer!

What is the purpose of the appraisal addendum?

Today, Dawn discusses the purpose of the appraisal addendum and how it works.

Hot topic: How to handle multiple offers?

Today, Dawn discusses issues surrounding multiple offers coming from this high-demand, low-inventory market.

Selling a property as-is in a multiple offer market

Today, Dawn discusses obligations of the Seller and rights of Buyers on an as-is property sale during a strong seller’s market.

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