Commissions can be Paid to Entities Registered with TREC.

Today, Blair explains the changes to commission laws and what it means for realtors and their entities.

Property Owners Associations’ cap on fee charged for obtaining resale certificates.

Today, Dawn talks about how some POA’s are charging separate fees for information already on the Resale Certificate.

Changes to Homestead Exemption Law?

Today, Blair explains the change to the homestead exemption law requiring appraisal districts review homestead exemptions every 5 years to confirm that the recipient still qualifies for the exemption. The process for review will vary between districts.

NAR Commission Lawsuit.

Today, Dawn shares her thoughts on the NAR commission lawsuit and basis of the claims.

Creative Transactions – Prohibited by Texas Law?

Today, Blair talks about how creative ideas can help clients but may be risky.

Merry Christmas from Allegiance Title!

Today, Dawn and Blair share an inspiring story from Christmas Eve 1968.

Powers of Attorney

Today, Blair discusses what to know about POAs.

Property included in the sale under the promulgated contract.

Today, Dawn talks about what property is sold under our promulgated contract unless the seller excludes or discloses and negotiates the lease assumption.

Texas Tax Relief Bill

Today, Blair talks about what the Texas tax relief bill passing means for buyers and sellers who made a transaction during 2023.

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